Big Problems, Big Talent

How to recruit world-class talent.

Big Problems, Big Talent
The most precious commodity in the startup ecosystem is talented people, and for the most part talented people want to work on something they find meaningful.
The limiting factor for what you achieve is determined by who will join you. While some talented people may join for equity and responsibility, eventually you must give talent what they want: - ambitious meaningful work, - other talented colleagues, - and a team likely to succeed
Few recruiting messages are as powerful (when true) as "the world needs this, it won’t happen any time soon if we don’t do it, and we are much less likely to succeed if you don’t join."
State your own recruiting message in these terms. Why does the world need this? Why are you the ones to do it? And who will make you much more likely to succeed?
The same applies to advisors, partners, and investors. To have people take you seriously, commit long-term to serious problems.
Most founders think 3 years ahead, fear commitment, and start easy. The best founders think 10 years ahead, commit long-term, and work relentlessly. What's your 10 year plan? What are you willing to commit to?
Once you have a vision, talk about it with everyone. But always have in mind your "next reasonable step." > You don’t want step one to be incorporating the company, and step two to be going to Mars.
With your big vision in place, determine your next reasonable step.

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