Crone Intro 2

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Crone Intro 2
History's greats were feverishly active learners. They filled the margins of book after book; they gained eloquence imitating word after word; and they mentored themselves journaling day after day. We've modernized their methods through AI. Let's try it out by imitating a short passage by John Locke.
Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. We are of the ruminating kind, and it is not enough to cram ourselves with a great load of collections; unless we chew them over again, they will not give us strength and nourishment.
John Locke says a little rumination will get you further than a dozen hours of aimless reading. > I may say that he, who fair and softly goes steadily forward in a course that points right, will sooner be at his journey's end, than he that runs after every one he meets, though he gallop all day full speed.
A man, used to such sort of reflections, sees as much at one glimpse as would require a long discourse to lay before another. Besides, that when the first difficulties are over, the delight and sensible advantage it brings mightily encourages and enlivens the mind.

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