Crone Intro 1

Explore the power of reading, writing, and thinking with "Crone" through our introductory kickoff course.

Crone Intro 1
Don’t just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents. — Epictetus
Civilization started with the exchange of words. We call the crown of this exchange the *Great Conversation* and it has kept the human spirit alive for millennia.
Participation in the Great Conversation is the aim of a classical or liberal arts education. Those who do it skillfully are called "well-read," "cultured," or "eloquent." Aristotle claimed these people lived the happiest life of all: the contemplative life.
Today this life is rare. Billions of us consume content passively; a scarce few are active participants. Yet 10 minutes of active learning is found to be more effective than an hour of passive consumption. In fact, according to Benjamin Bloom's famous experiments, the average person actively tutored outperforms 98% of her peers.

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