Crone Intro 3

Discover how reading & writing daily can elevate life, inspired by Franklin, Graham, & Napoleon.

Crone Intro 3
Having now heard from Epictetus and Locke, let's explore your own motivations. What do you want from a contemplative life? Ben Franklin wrote to gain eloquence. Paul Graham wrote to think. Napoleon wrote to win battles. Imagine a habit of reading and writing daily. When will you find time for it? How will you use this habit to elevate your life?
The scoring rubric you just saw is based off ideas from Aristotle, Horace, and T.S. Eliot. The XP you earn represents your growing wisdom and eloquence. When you see a question, don't hesitate. Answer questions from the heart and employ the mind later. Crone provides tools to edit and remix your answers after the lesson.
Thanks to your active presence today, you may notice this lesson sticks with you more than a podcast or book. Likewise, we hope you'll stick with us. Imagine the world when a writer can apprentice with Woolf, a politician with Lincoln, or a producer with Oprah. Imagine how big and bold your own life could be if you were living in lockstep with the world's greatest minds.

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