"In Passing"

Discover "In Passing" by Lisel Mueller and learn how transience elevates life's value. Explore the beauty of fleeting moments in poetry.

"In Passing"
Lisel Mueller was a German-American poet and translator. Born on February 8, 1924, in Hamburg, she immigrated to the United States in 1939 to escape the Nazi regime. We'll read her short poem, "In Passing" on the transient nature of beauty.
How swiftly the strained honey of afternoon light flows into darkness
and the closed bud shrugs off its special mystery in order to break into blossom:
as if what exists, exists so that it can be lost and become precious.
The poem begins by describing afternoon light as "strained honey" flowing into darkness. Strained honey is honey without its comb, debris, and propolis. The reader might imagine a cosmic beekeeper filtering the hazy afternoon sky into the vessel of darkness. In Mueller's eyes, life is fluid and beautiful. Its beauty relies on its fluidity. Buds lose their mystery to blossom. One moment becomes precious as it's forever lost to the next.

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