MLK's Believers

Why people marched for MLK.

MLK's Believers
How did Dr. King become the leader of the civil rights movement? He wasn't the only skilled orator of his time.
He didn't go around telling people what needed to change in America. He went around and told people what he believed. "I believe, I believe, I believe," he told people.
And people who believed what he believed took his cause, and they made it their own, and they told people. And some of those people created structures to get the word out to even more people.
And lo and behold, 250,000 people showed up on the right day, at the right time to hear him speak. How many of them showed up for him? Zero. They showed up for themselves.
People are drawn to follow those who inspire them, not just because of their power or position but for themselves. How does your ego interfere with your messaging? Think of how people respond to you. How will you keep renewing your focus on earnest motives?

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