Why and What Messaging

Leading with why speaks to the limbic brain.

Why and What Messaging
The way most people communicate is from the outside in. They start by describing "what" something is and then "why" it exists. "What" gives a message clarity. "Why" gives it power. Great leaders use both but lead with power.
> People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. People are drawn to products, services, and content that have a compelling reason to exist. You can't just sell. You must know why you're selling.
In the previous lesson, we saw Simon Sinek's golden circle of communication. You could map that circle directly to the human brain. When we communicate "what we do," we speak to the neocortex. When we explain "why we do it," we talk to the limbic brain, where trust and loyalty arise.
Trust and loyalty is found in the limbic brain, th...
The neocortex is won with a clear "what message"; the limbic system with a clear "why message." This is true for yourself and your audience alike. Let's test your *why message* against your own limbic brain. Why do you get out of bed every morning? What message will inspire you to action for years to come?

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