A Very Reliable Magic

Explore the enchantment of knitting as a counter to modernity's loss of magic in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's captivating work. Find insight and transform string into wonder.

A Very Reliable Magic
It turns out that knitting isn't about the yarn or the softness or needing a hat (although we really can't argue with these secondary motivators). It's really about this: Knitting is a magic trick.
In this day and age, in a world where science and technology take more and more wonder and work out of our lives, and our planet is quickly becoming a place running out of magic, a knitter takes silly, useless string, mundane sticks, waves her hands around (many, many times... nobody said this was fast magic), and turns one thing into another: string into a hat, string into a sweater, string into a blanket for a baby.
It really is a very reliable magic.

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