Part I: Blake's Beginnings

The story of Blake Scholl. His early years making practical choices.

Part I: Blake's Beginnings
Part I: Blake's Beginnings
Part I: Blake's Beginnings
Blake Scholl is the CEO of Boom, a one billion dollar company that builds supersonic jets. Prior to building Boom, Blake didn't know anything about aerospace. His story teaches the *why and how* of thinking big.
## Background Before Blake built supersonic jets, he was a practical guy making practical choices. He worked for Amazon as a software developer. When he left to start his first company, he stuck with e-commerce because it felt smart to build in a familiar space.
Blake soon discovered the problem with being practical. Yes he had experience in e-commerce, but what he lacked was far more important: - he lacked product intuition (because he didn't shop much) - he lacked earnest motivation (because he didn't care about e-commerce)
He didn't enjoy the work. His own company bored him. So when Groupon gave him a small acquisition offer, he jumped at it. Even still, he stayed practical and worked for Groupon for two more years. > there's nothing like working on internet coupons to make you really want to work on something that will matter
In the following lessons, we'll learn how Blake's life took flight when he started dreaming bigger. Your job over the next few days is to cast off your practical mind and explore your most ambitious vision.

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