Part VI: Compounding Credibility

The story of Blake Scholl. Blake creates a flywheel of credibility.

Part VI: Compounding Credibility
Part VI: Compounding results
Part VI: Compounding results
Blake's arsenal of credibility grew and grew: 1. Spreadsheet models hooked fellow nerds (e.g. his advisors and CTO). 2. Advisors hooked early recruits and investors. 3. Letters of intent from airlines hooked bigger investors. Which steps can you take to build up your arsenal of supporters?
In tandem with commercial progress, he demonstrated technical progress. 1. He started with a bolsa wood model. 2. He then shared a CAD file with simulations. 3. He then purchased a jet engine investors could touch. 4. He then built a team which built an XB-1 supersonic jet. 5. His next step is a commercial airliner. Like Blake, how might you build technical credibility step-by-step?
His company is building the XB-1 to be discarded. > it's what I learned to do when I was in tech, [build a prototype to throw away.] You learn everything you need to know to build the real product
XB-1 is the only commercial, supersonic jet not sitting in a museum. Its purpose is to teach the Boom team what works and what doesn't. They'll use those lessons to build the Overture planes, eventually bringing supersonic travel to us all.
If I could encourage just one thing, it would be: see the biggest problems in the world, the ones that no one sees because they're too big, and go work on those.

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